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Looking for new books to read!

Like I said last night, I’m looking for some new books to read. ^__^ I’ve started a new one that got suggested to me last night, but as soon as I’ve finished it I”m going to be bookless again.

Can anyone reccomend any awesome books for me to have a go at? I don’t mind what they’re about for the most part and I’ll love you forever?


  1. rtlstuff answered: The Rats by James Herbert is a really good book, made me scared to use the London Underground for a while :P
  2. call-me-elphie answered: Water For Elephants!
  3. thebuttros answered: Can’t recommend the ‘Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’ series enough… I’m really enjoying ‘Game of Thrones’ too.
  4. pinkmakesmesmile answered: Vampire Academy ones are AMAZAING! And I also liked Ally’s World, but I read that series when I was about 14 so .. :L
  5. lordsammich answered: Mortal Engines series. Keys to the Kingdom series, Artemis Fowl, most stuff by Dan Brown, Necronomicron by H.P. Lovecraft. Running out of spa
  6. henrybranwells answered: If you haven’t read it, you should read The Fault In Our Stars. It’s definitely a book that stays with you long after you read it!
  7. goodlittlehipster answered: girl with the dragon tattoo series! seriously amazinngggg!
  8. leavingnetherfields answered: the game of thrones series is pretty amazing xx
  9. tasteofstars answered: oh oh oh i’m reading memoirs of an imaginary friend by matthew green and sobbing but it’s so so so goooood
  10. imfromnewearth answered: Did you ever read ‘American Gods’?
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